Hurricane Irma, An Historic Storm

Hurricane Irma

A hurricane is coming named Irma. It is now a level 5 with winds up to 185 miles an hour and Florida is in its cone of possibilities. The only question is, will it hit the east coast or will Irma head towards the west coast and possibility go into the Gulf of Mexico. But one thing for sure is the Florida Keys is definitely in her sights.

That was a few days ago. The Florida Keys is a disaster. Naples and Fort Myer have been hit and Miami is Flooded. If Hurricane Irma continues on its path and goes into the Gulf of Mexico and huddles along the Florida coastline. Lakewood Ranch where I reside will become another disaster zone.

As the hurricane came closer fearing for my brother’s safety. I asked my brother and his girlfriend to come stay with us as the hurricane approaches quickly. Especially, since the girlfriends’ home was on a canal near the Manatee River.  I also contacted my friend Don and his wife to stay with us since his condo was also near the Manatee River. The possibility of strong surges places both homes in jeopardy

The storm hit us Sunday evening with powerful impact to the Lakewood Ranch area. The trees that surrounded the area were being forcefully bent over to the point of breaking. My beautiful wife and soul mate Susan stood beside me as we looked out our back window to our pool area and the pool cage that we had little doubt would survive. It was a hard night for everyone to rest with the wind howling and our home shaking from the vicious winds of Hurricane Irma. In the morning we were all still here. The home wasn’t damaged and our pool cage, surprised us to still be standing!

Hurricane Passed

We were very lucky this time. Hurricane Irma at the last moment landed near Naples and continued to stay on the land.  This caused the hurricane to fall to a level 3 hurricane instead of returning to a level 5 when it would enter the Gulf of Mexico.

That day we dodged the bullet. Now, the question is how long before our time comes!

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