Web Design In WordPress at Ringling College


I’m starting a class of web design in WordPress at Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota. I got lost when I tried to find my class. Furthermore, I had to call security. Security drove me to the Roskamp Center. The center is located on the college campus.

It seemed that I was under the misconception that since my son graduated from Ringling College a few years ago I would have no problem finding my way around. Wrong! I walked around in circles completely lost before I swallowed my pride and called security. In addition, I had no other choice. Since I was unable to find anyone around to show me the right direction to my class.

WordPress The Class

This class is a six-week course of 2 1/2 hours classes on Tuesday night. It should help me correct some the problems I have with my site. I started my site a few months ago. I thought everything was going well. Except, when I tried to optimize my site, a lot of errors were found. Mostly, with the speed of my site uploading, which is terrible. The Javascript and CSS that I have are not Async or Optimized. They are blocking and hindering the upload speed of my site.

Hopefully, I can get everything corrected. My fingers are crossed.

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