Almost The End – A Short Story by Panayotis

Almost The End

Almost the end

By Panayotis

 Almost the end. It was Sunday the fourth of September 1966 and the long Labor Day weekend was almost over. There was a fine drizzle misting down on us, just enough to make the streets slick. My buddy and I were joyriding on our friend’s motorcycle. Our friend did not know that we had borrowed his bike, but what the hell, this was not the first time we had borrowed his bike without his permission. We were going to bring it back, just like we’ve done so many times, over these last few weeks.

In the first place, this weekend was special; I was celebrating my salary raise that I had received on Friday. My salary went from $1.00 to $1.10 per hour. Life was great; I was 16 years old and on my own. I tried to forget that I had just been thrown out of my parents’ house after an argument with my father and was now living in an apartment that cost me seventy-five dollars a month. After the rent was paid there was not much left for the crucial necessities which sustain life, like cigarettes beer and food.

My buddy, Mike asks me where I wanted to go.” We can go downtown and check out the action, or we can go home.” I told him that I would like to go downtown and see what was happening.

“Okay, we’ll go by Atwater down to St Catherine St,” said Mike.

As we raced toward Atwater to make our turn we were forced to stop at a red light. I remembered thinking that it would be nice if we could turn right on a red light, but no such luck, it was not allowed. Quebec was still living in the dark ages. Sitting in the rain it seems to take an eternity for that light to change. I heard the sounds of screeching tires somewhere behind us and turned to see what was causing the commotion.

It must have stopped raining because I could not feel it on my face anymore. I opened my eyes and found myself surrounded by a bright white light. It did not hurt my eyes to look into it but I instinctively closed my eyes against it. I opened my eyes again and a women’s face slowly started to come into focus. Furthermore, she was the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She was surrounded by the bright white light and her skin appeared to glow. In addition, I could not take my eyes off her. I was hypnotized by her exquisiteness.

Her long flowing fiery red hair wrapped itself around her delightful face. Her features were accented by her eyes of deep Mediterranean blue; it seemed that her stare had mystic powers penetrating every part of my soul. This beautiful Angel spoke to me but I could not understand what she was saying. I could feel a wave of serenity flow over me, I felt very much at peace with myself. I tried again to talk to her but my efforts were without success. She just smiled at me, I felt surrounded by love, and I will never forget her smile.

As suddenly as my Angel appeared she disappeared. A dark feeling slowly crept through me, I was very cold and wet, it seemed to be raining again. If what I had seen was an Angel, then I must be dead, but how? That just can’t be. I can’t be dead, I would know if I were dead, wouldn’t I?

Appearing in front of me was a jolly fat man with a blue cap. He also spoke to me, but once again I couldn’t make out what this chubby guy was saying or for that matter what he wanted from me. I tried to make out some of the features of his face but couldn’t. It looked as though he was wearing a uniform of some kind. I wasn’t sure if angels in heaven had to wear any uniforms. As far as I knew of they didn’t, at least I was almost sure they didn‘t. On his cap and on his shirt was something very shiny. I just couldn’t make it out.

Uniquely, I slowly started to hear what my jolly friend was saying, as he rattled off quickly sounds to something or someone behind me. I just couldn‘t see who it was. I concentrated very hard on understanding what the man was saying.The man was no longer looking at me; he was concentrating on whatever was behind me. He slowly looked back at me as he stretched his arm to reach beside my face as he continued to talk. The whole event came crashing down on me. I could now understand that he was talking to me in French. Then the police badges on his shirt and cap came into focus.

He was trying to explain to me that I had been in an accident and I was seriously injured. As I listened to the officer explain what had happened I realized that he was reaching beside me to grab something. It was my leg. It had been so badly broken from the impact of the car that I had landed with my left foot resting against my right ear. The officer straightened my leg everything went black.

Almost The End, Was I Dead?

Later, I found out that I had almost died that night. We had been hit so hard by a taxi that the impact had thrown me twenty yards into a field of tall grass, my buddy Mike had been pinned under the car. If he had lost consciousness that night they would never have found me. It was only after my buddy asked the officers where I was and if I was okay that they realized there had been someone else involved in the accident and they started searching for me.

I don’t consider myself a very religious man but the vision of that night still haunt me. Angels, are they real or not? Still to this day, almost 40 years later I find myself asking if, the reason that I am alive today is because of an Angel.

It was almost the end.

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